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An Introduction to Bach Flower Essences

In order to understand how to heal with flower essences, we must first learn, "what are flower essences"? Flower essences are tools that help us heal. They help us heal by allowing us to "see" beyond the emotion.

When we are in an emotion, we see through the eyes of the emotion instead of the eyes of truth. For example, if we come upon a person who is very angry and we say to that person, "Why are you so angry?" They may respond, "I'm not angry!"Isn't that fascinating? A person so angry is not connected to the reality that they are angry. Is it because they are so connected to the anger within that it becomes "normal" to be angry. If we are always angry, how can we know any different or be any different?

Flower essences give us the opportunity to see differently. They do not make choices for us. Instead, because we can now see differently, they allow us the opportunity to make a different choice. The good news is that we are free to make different choices at any point in time. All we have to do is come to a place of knowing that we want to change. Flower essences help us to get to that place of knowing.

The Bach Institute is very clear on how they label their flower groupings. I label them a little differently because I have seen them heal differently through individual healing "layers". My gift is my ability to connect my clients to their personal layers.

What is a layer? A layer is the moment in time when you make a choice that does not make you happy. It can be connected to a trauma in life, a moment of guilt or shame, a time of hate or deep fear. Whatever that moment was, it moved you in a direction away from your true self. It set you on a path of unconsciousness or not knowing who you chose to be. My job is to reconnect you to that moment you detoured off your own path and allow you to make a different choice in the now, or in this moment of recognition; a conscious choice to become you by understanding what makes you happy and then allowing yourself to experience joy in life!

From my years of practice, I have come to the understanding that emotions create our physical symptoms. Emotions are energy that is stored in the body waiting for us to be truthful and loving with our "self". (Truth and love are the same energy.) Until we recognize that we are unhappy, we cannot change it. Hence, it becomes stuck in our glands and organs which are storage tanks for our emotions. The emotion we attach to (which is nothing more than learned behavior) will determine where it will be stored.

This blog is designed to teach you how to understand the emotions you pattern through the physical symptoms you manifest throughout life. The more we understand about ourselves, the more we can heal ourselves. The symptoms we create through our body is a language all its own. Throughout the years, I have been studying this language. I am happy to share what I have learned with you!

Miscellaneous Bach Flower Essences

Lives in inner world rather than outer world; highly developed imagination or psychic life, but find it difficult to focus or concentrate in the classroom or workplace; attracted to drugs or other psychic experiences which give a sense of expansiveness; ease feelings of constrictions in the physical body or physical world.

The clematis prefers to spend their time outside of their body instead of inside their body. They may not hear when spoken to as their mind is drifting to another place outside of themselves. Clematis allows us to bring ourselves back in our body and think and focus more clearly on present situations.

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Crab Apple
Obsessed with feelings of imperfections when even tiny details our out of harmony; unclean, impure ashamed of body functions or physical attributes; drawn to purification or cleansing rituals out of proportion to real need.

The Crab Apple personality is not happy with their physical traits. They continue to try to improve themselves with obsessive intent. A crab apple may need to continually wash their hands or clean their home trying to make themselves happy outwardly.

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Self absorbed in your own life traumas or worries.. needing others to hear what you say or wanting attention and consolation. Challenge to be alone or resolve problems independently.
Look to others to help fill your own emptiness inside.

The Heather personality is the one that people will hide from when they see them coming, as their only interest is in themselves. They become very draining to be around for any length of time.

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Bach Flower Essences for Rigidity

Rigidity can create loss of movement in the physical body, the impression of being stuck in life situations, and hormonal imbalances.

Rock Water
Regimented style of living or eating. Strong religious, work, or study disciplines.. follow rigidly or relentlessly. Denial of life's enjoyments.. strict schedules which allow for little spontaneity or creativity.

The Rock Water personality does not allow themselves flexibility in life. Everything has a place and a purpose. There is no flow, thereby not allowing room for movement.

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Negative influence by family ties or social expectations.. hold back from destiny.. Trying to change lifestyles yet succumb to old habits, patterns, thoughts, or beliefs which retard progress. Major transition.. physical or psychological, requiring new ways. Walnut is the flower for changes and transitions in life. It is used during times of change such as moving to a new home, job or school, puberty, menopause, teething, divorce, etc.

The spiritual aspect of ourselves understands that each new change or transition in life brings forth new growth and experiences. Walnut can be very helpful during hormonal problems which may result from our inability to allow change in our lives.

As our bodies are always cycling and changing, our inability to change with the tides can create imbalance within the hormonal system.

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Wild Rose
Feeling of resignation or apathy.. life hardly seems worth the effort it requires. Slow recovery from setbacks or illness, cannot harness full forces of physical vitality needed for recovery. No enthusiasm for life.

The Wild Rose personality has basically given up. They no longer have a desire to fight for their beliefs or truths. They resign themselves to their circumstances and have no desire to change what they perceive to be bad.

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Bach Flower Essences for Indecision

Chestnut Bud
Stymied or stuck, unable to make progress; repeat same mistakes again and again in relationships and situations. Cannot step aside and observe life to learn from past mistakes… Slow learner in life situations.

The typical Chestnut Bud is found in the woman who marries the same personality type over and over again and each relationship ends up in divorce. They may be able to make a decision but it may not be the one that will bring them their greatest joy.

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Easy to serve others . submerge your own identify. Difficult to meet own needs, play, create or express.. meet demands of others. Weak willed, especially with own personal goals.

The centaury personality puts everyone's needs before their own. They are at the bottom of their own list and have a hard time saying no. They become the doormat that other's have an easy time using and abusing.I have found that women who manifest breast cancer have deep imbalances in a centaury personality.

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Frequently relying on counsel of others. Regret choices made.. doubting one's ability to make the right choices in life Lack of inner wisdom. The Cerato personality knows what they should do, but need assurances from others in order to make the final decision.Cerato helps us make choices that make the individual happy first thereby helping those around them create happiness in their own lives.

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Dwelling and longing for former relationships or living situations. Always looking back. Nostalgic or romantic. Life would be different only if...

Honeysuckle allows us to let go of the past and live in the present moment.

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Torn between one or more options - unable to make a firm decision. Goes back and forth between people or situations with no commitment or intentions. Constant shifting of emotional states and physical symptoms.. restlessness or confusion.

The Scleranthus personality has a hard time making a decision between two choices - should I pick red or blue? Should I buy this car or that one?

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Wild Oat
Current lifestyle is not your inner destiny or life purpose. Difficult to focus on talents and capabilities and harness your own gifts. Dissatisfied with work with no real commitment or interests.

Wild Oat can be used for those who change jobs often and cannot find satisfaction through their purpose in life; or can be used at a time when there is indecisiveness if it is time to leave a job or not. It can also be useful for those who have many gifts and talents but are not able to use them to create happiness in their own lives.

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Bach Flower Essences for Guilt, Shame and Regret Flower

Guilt will manifest itself as joint pain or swelling especially in the knees. Shame and regrets also manifest in the joints, the hips, fingers, toes, etc.

Guilt or shame about self worth.. unusual harsh expectations of oneself resorting to self blame if less than perfect. Hard to let go of past mistakes or failures.. dwelling rather than moving forward to new opportunities or risks. The pine personality feels badly when they cannot fix things for others. They take the blame for everything and everyone and may often apologize even when they have done nothing wrong.Regrets repeating themselves without the ability to change. Unhealthy patterns continue to plague the person holding them hostage in their own bodies. Within time these regrets may create immobility within the joints.

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Bach Flower Essences for Fear

Fear manifests in the system as crying, nightmares, digestive disorders, circulatory problems, heart palpitations and anxiety.

Anxious & fearful, experiencing nightmares. Easily registering impressions for unseen or unknown sources. The Aspen personality worries about everything and everybody even when there is no cause for alarm. They imagine the worst of a situation even before it happens and before it may ever happen.

These are the people who experience anxiety attacks and don't know why they are experiencing them. Aspen fears can manifest as nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking, anxiety and crying.

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Cherry Plum
Great deal of pressure & stress resulting in enormous emotional or physical tension.. fear of loss of control or losing one's mind.. temporary insanity, suicidal or destructive impulses. Cherry Plum can be used during times of high stress when a person feels as though they could be losing control of a situation.

Cherry Plum is also used during times of crisis or accidents to keep everyone in balance and able to handle the situation at hand.I have often used it for soldier's returning home from the war and cannot let go their past memories.

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Stifling creative expressions. Self doubt, lacking confidence to take risks or be spontaneous. Fear of failure or expectation of criticism from others may hold one back. Difficulty in speaking or presentations even when prepared. Larch personalities tend to be afraid to make a mistake and would prefer not to even try. Another type of Larch personality may seem very confident and secure almost to the point of arrogant. At the same time their feelings of insecurity become apparent should they make a mistake pt be judged by someone of greater authority.

Larch tends to manifest in the digestive center, especially the gall bladder area immediately below the breast bone. Burping, reflux and gas are all manifestations that can be created from a Larch personality. Larch personalities also tend to have allergies to cow dairy products.

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Frequently short change themselves from full experiences of life, isolating due to nagging fears or worries. Paralyzed by annoying doubts, fears or worries, hypersensitive, frequently troubled or uneasy even when encountering ordinary or daily activities.

Mimulus differs from Aspen in that the Mimulus personality knows exactly what they are fearful about - flying, spiders, death, etc. The physical manifestation of the mimulus imbalance is usually shown in anxiety attacks or crying.

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Red Chestnut
Worry or concern about other's welfare.. living their lives rather than your own.. hard to trust in your children's or close friend's life events.

The red chestnut is the mother who cannot sleep when her grown children are out at night. Her concerns are directed toward others instead of herself.

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Rock Rose
Nightmares that bring a sense of terror or deep emotional disturbance. Life threatening or destructive situations.. no courage in stressful situations.

Rock Rose deals with real terror and fright. It may relate back to old trauma that has happened in the past. Or it may be useful for trauma that is taking place in the present.

Star of Bethlehem
Deep trauma or assault which never allowed you to regain your vitality and strength.. lack of inner peace due to stress and trauma.. prolonged state of spiritual stress.

Star of Bethlehem is useful during times of crisis, accident or severe trauma.

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White Chestnut
Mind is an echo chamber, constantly replaying bits of conversations without resolutions. Mental agitation or racing thoughts, often resulting in insomnia and general restlessness. Difficult to experience inner state of calm objectivity or inner peace.

The White Chestnut personality may have a hard time falling asleep or may wake in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. White Chestnut also tends to manifest in the circulatory system creating numbness, tingling or coldness in the extremities.

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Bach Flower Essences for Exhaustion

Overwhelmed by major tasks and responsibilities. Overly responsible or overly concerned in family or work situations.. Experience of fatigue regarding tasks or projects, which you are responsible for. The Elm personality takes on more than they can handle and becomes exhausted by the long list they have created for themselves.

A positive Elm personality will learn to shorten their lists and focus on what they have accomplished during their day as opposed to what they did not.

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Fatigued or drained in a job, which is out of proportion to the real physical energy demanded for the task; life is a monotonous routine.. just going through the motions at work or home with little interest or energetic involvement; need for a fresh perspective on daily tasks.
The hornbeam personality would prefer to just stay in bed rather than deal with the daily activities of living.

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Hard working and dependable, but pressing the limits of endurance in order to provide for or assist others; Verge of collapse or utter exhaustion due to unrelenting pace set by yourself; Overstrive beyond true limits or capacities, denying oneself small pleasures or spontaneous moments of joy.

An Oak will work, work, work, work, work. They have forgotten how to play. Oak energy allows us to remember that work can be play and teaches that play routines are as important as our work routines. An oak personality is known to work until they drop. The body will actually create an illness as an Oak personality does not have the understanding of how to take time to enjoy living.

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All physical energy is spent resulting in profound sense of exhaustion and fatigue, especially after facing an extremely challenging ordeal. I use olive often for those who have exhausted all their strengths. These are the people who work all day and go home at night and create huge home projects. They leave no time for rest or relaxation.

These people can manifest an immune disorder within the system as the body has no energy reserves left to try and heal itself.

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The world would be better with your visions and values; enthusiasm and intensity so much that tension pushes the body beyond natural energy levels; overwhelm others with one's sense of conviction.

The vervain personality sees a focus and handles it with stress and tension. Their mind won't allow them to let go of their values or missions in life. These are the personalities that create changes in life through their intensity in their core beliefs. They don't give up whether or not other's agree with them. They are certain their ideals are the correct ones.

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