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Miscellaneous Bach Flower Essences

Lives in inner world rather than outer world; highly developed imagination or psychic life, but find it difficult to focus or concentrate in the classroom or workplace; attracted to drugs or other psychic experiences which give a sense of expansiveness; ease feelings of constrictions in the physical body or physical world.

The clematis prefers to spend their time outside of their body instead of inside their body. They may not hear when spoken to as their mind is drifting to another place outside of themselves. Clematis allows us to bring ourselves back in our body and think and focus more clearly on present situations.

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Crab Apple
Obsessed with feelings of imperfections when even tiny details our out of harmony; unclean, impure ashamed of body functions or physical attributes; drawn to purification or cleansing rituals out of proportion to real need.

The Crab Apple personality is not happy with their physical traits. They continue to try to improve themselves with obsessive intent. A crab apple may need to continually wash their hands or clean their home trying to make themselves happy outwardly.

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Self absorbed in your own life traumas or worries.. needing others to hear what you say or wanting attention and consolation. Challenge to be alone or resolve problems independently.
Look to others to help fill your own emptiness inside.

The Heather personality is the one that people will hide from when they see them coming, as their only interest is in themselves. They become very draining to be around for any length of time.

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