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Bach Flower Essences for Rigidity

Rigidity can create loss of movement in the physical body, the impression of being stuck in life situations, and hormonal imbalances.

Rock Water
Regimented style of living or eating. Strong religious, work, or study disciplines.. follow rigidly or relentlessly. Denial of life's enjoyments.. strict schedules which allow for little spontaneity or creativity.

The Rock Water personality does not allow themselves flexibility in life. Everything has a place and a purpose. There is no flow, thereby not allowing room for movement.

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Negative influence by family ties or social expectations.. hold back from destiny.. Trying to change lifestyles yet succumb to old habits, patterns, thoughts, or beliefs which retard progress. Major transition.. physical or psychological, requiring new ways. Walnut is the flower for changes and transitions in life. It is used during times of change such as moving to a new home, job or school, puberty, menopause, teething, divorce, etc.

The spiritual aspect of ourselves understands that each new change or transition in life brings forth new growth and experiences. Walnut can be very helpful during hormonal problems which may result from our inability to allow change in our lives.

As our bodies are always cycling and changing, our inability to change with the tides can create imbalance within the hormonal system.

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Wild Rose
Feeling of resignation or apathy.. life hardly seems worth the effort it requires. Slow recovery from setbacks or illness, cannot harness full forces of physical vitality needed for recovery. No enthusiasm for life.

The Wild Rose personality has basically given up. They no longer have a desire to fight for their beliefs or truths. They resign themselves to their circumstances and have no desire to change what they perceive to be bad.

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