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Bach Flower Essences for Fear

Fear manifests in the system as crying, nightmares, digestive disorders, circulatory problems, heart palpitations and anxiety.

Anxious & fearful, experiencing nightmares. Easily registering impressions for unseen or unknown sources. The Aspen personality worries about everything and everybody even when there is no cause for alarm. They imagine the worst of a situation even before it happens and before it may ever happen.

These are the people who experience anxiety attacks and don't know why they are experiencing them. Aspen fears can manifest as nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking, anxiety and crying.

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Cherry Plum
Great deal of pressure & stress resulting in enormous emotional or physical tension.. fear of loss of control or losing one's mind.. temporary insanity, suicidal or destructive impulses. Cherry Plum can be used during times of high stress when a person feels as though they could be losing control of a situation.

Cherry Plum is also used during times of crisis or accidents to keep everyone in balance and able to handle the situation at hand.I have often used it for soldier's returning home from the war and cannot let go their past memories.

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Stifling creative expressions. Self doubt, lacking confidence to take risks or be spontaneous. Fear of failure or expectation of criticism from others may hold one back. Difficulty in speaking or presentations even when prepared. Larch personalities tend to be afraid to make a mistake and would prefer not to even try. Another type of Larch personality may seem very confident and secure almost to the point of arrogant. At the same time their feelings of insecurity become apparent should they make a mistake pt be judged by someone of greater authority.

Larch tends to manifest in the digestive center, especially the gall bladder area immediately below the breast bone. Burping, reflux and gas are all manifestations that can be created from a Larch personality. Larch personalities also tend to have allergies to cow dairy products.

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Frequently short change themselves from full experiences of life, isolating due to nagging fears or worries. Paralyzed by annoying doubts, fears or worries, hypersensitive, frequently troubled or uneasy even when encountering ordinary or daily activities.

Mimulus differs from Aspen in that the Mimulus personality knows exactly what they are fearful about - flying, spiders, death, etc. The physical manifestation of the mimulus imbalance is usually shown in anxiety attacks or crying.

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Red Chestnut
Worry or concern about other's welfare.. living their lives rather than your own.. hard to trust in your children's or close friend's life events.

The red chestnut is the mother who cannot sleep when her grown children are out at night. Her concerns are directed toward others instead of herself.

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Rock Rose
Nightmares that bring a sense of terror or deep emotional disturbance. Life threatening or destructive situations.. no courage in stressful situations.

Rock Rose deals with real terror and fright. It may relate back to old trauma that has happened in the past. Or it may be useful for trauma that is taking place in the present.

Star of Bethlehem
Deep trauma or assault which never allowed you to regain your vitality and strength.. lack of inner peace due to stress and trauma.. prolonged state of spiritual stress.

Star of Bethlehem is useful during times of crisis, accident or severe trauma.

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White Chestnut
Mind is an echo chamber, constantly replaying bits of conversations without resolutions. Mental agitation or racing thoughts, often resulting in insomnia and general restlessness. Difficult to experience inner state of calm objectivity or inner peace.

The White Chestnut personality may have a hard time falling asleep or may wake in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. White Chestnut also tends to manifest in the circulatory system creating numbness, tingling or coldness in the extremities.

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Anonymous said...

Can you take more than one essence at same time? I feel like I need to use all of these :S

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Yes, you can take more than one essence at a time; however, it eliminates your ability to watch yourself in your healing process. I suggest you begin with the one that resembles your emotional/physical state at the present time and allow yourself to dig into the layers that may be hidden underneath. The emotional/physical body has a wonderful way of speaking to us once we learn the language.

Anonymous said...

This is new to me! And so glad to find that there are flower remedies available to address our emotions. My grateful thanks to Dr.Bach for 'knowing' the healing properties of flowers and the emotion, to you for explaining the 'match' between flower and emotion.

Most often, even as adults, we (myself included) are ignorant and clueless about how to handle our own emotions. More so are we at a loss on how to explain, teach, cope or deal with the fears and guilt that a child faces!

How does a parent remove the trauma of child who is 'bullied' in school, 'taunted' or 'shouted at' by familiar adults and peers?

Many an adult is impatient or totally inadequate/ignorant to deal compassionately or empower a child.
Can you please write some more articles in 'Healthy Parenting'
Thank you.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Thank you for your comments above regarding healthy parenting. Over the years, I've realized that we are so deficient in parenting techniques. How can we know that which we are not taught. So, yes, I teach parenting to many of my clients. I will try to remember to post some new articles on healthy parenting in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

As far as a child who is being bullied... the most important part of healing is to create a foundation that is strong. Healing who I am (first chakra) will balance one's ability to dodge the bullets (so to speak). Once we learn to dodge them, they no longer have power over us. Two things can then happen, the bullies will heal along with us or they will find someone else to play their bullying games with.