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Bach Flower Essences for Anger

Physical symptoms that manifest through anger include Pain, Rash and Infection within the body. This can include pains such as headaches, muscle aches, sore throats, and abdominal cramping. Rash can include psoriasis, eczema, poison ivy, dermitits, etc. Infections can include sinus infection, ear infection, bronchial infection, swollen glands, etc.
Anger can also interfere with our ability to think and focus.

The Agrimony personality type will suppress and deny their true feelings. These are the addictive personalities. They prefer to make light of situations rather than confront the issue. Because they deny their truth and stuff their emotions inwardly, their mind becomes a battlefield of tormented thoughts that reflect what they could have or should have said or done instead. These thoughts can keep them awake at night or create digestive problems. They have a fear of rejection or they may fear hurting someone's feelings which may turn to self anger and self abuse, using addictions to try and make themselves feel better such as drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, gambling, etc.

Physical symptoms of Agrimony personality types may include: Headaches, cold sores, dry peeling skin, digestive disorders, eating disorders, addictions, and inability to sleep. Through suppression of truth, the Agrimony becomes stagnated and stuck in turmoil and chaos. The negative agrimony has lost the ability to create positive experiences in their lives.

The positive Agrimony has the ability to express their true feelings without fear of rejection.

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The Beech personality type sets high standard for other, becoming intolerant of other's shortcomings or mannerisms, critical or judgmental toward the behavior of others. A Beech personality type can also be intolerant of themselves or their own behaviors. They tend to be controlling and can be easily irritated.

Physical symptoms of Beech personality types may include: Aches and pains in the muscular system. The pain can move from one area of the body to another dependent upon the irritation that is reflective at that moment. The throat area is a huge Beech area in that is it our control center. The Beech personality can become easily irritated when they feel they are not in control. This language speaks to the reality that we don't control anything.. it is time to let go of control.
A negative Beech personality may manifest muscular pain, especially in the shoulders and neck. The bronchial tubes are also attached to Beech energy which can create loss of voice, sore throats or coughs. The teeth, gums and jaw are also related to the Beech personality including abscesses, bleeding gums, and clenched jaws.I have worked with a number of Beech personality types who have created Fibromyalgia symptoms within their body. These people are often from families who were extremely judgmental and controlling; and they were not allowed to express anger, thereby learning to internalize this pain as self judgment.

The positive Beech personality is seen in those who are tolerant, able to allow all without judgment or control.

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The Chicory personality type feels that others don't appreciate their efforts. They may demand attention from others, especially after something has been given or done for others. They tend to be possessive in relationships, wanting others to recognize how important they are in their lives. Their actions may provoke negative attention from others. The Chicory is the mother who will fake illness in order to ensure the child stays at home with them. They thrive on the "poor me" attitude and try to get their own way by reminding others how much they have done for them and are deserving of something in return.

Chicory personalities tend to manifest in the mucus membranes as sinus and/or bronchial infections. This is the area that is affected when we are in a state of "victimization". The victim mentality focuses on what they don't have instead of what they do have; the negative instead of the positive. They tend to always put a "but" at the end of their sentence.

The positive Chicory is seen in those who are appreciative for all they are given in life without expectation in return.

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The Holly personality type can carry feelings of hate, jealousy, rivalry, suspicion or vengeance. They seem to have lost all feelings of compassion for others. They may become alienated, mistrusting or hostile. They struggle or compete in order to receive love or recognition, feeling it is rightfully theirs.

The negative state of Holly can manifest in the lymphatic system. Hate is an unacceptable emotion that travels through the blood stream into every aspect of our self. It can physically show itself as lymphatic disease, boils or skin eruptions anywhere in the body. Chronic swollen glands can be a sign of a negative Holly state.Often times, I will use Holly with my clients at the very end of their healing journey in order to release any hate one may have acquired during their lifetime. It helps us to remember that joy surrounds us and we can experience that joy simply by recognizing it.

The positive Holly is found in unconditional love and compassion. This is the person who spreads joy wherever they go.

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The Impatiens personality can be tense, irritable, easily impatient and argumentative. They may take over for others, finish other's sentences or complete tasks because others are too slow. Rushing ahead of experiences,they are not able to enjoy or pay attention to the present.
Impatiens personalities often have many gifts but don't enjoy the steps to creating. In this way, they may never finish a project but jump from one gift to another creating a feeling of unworthiness.

Impatiens is usually manifested through our colon area with cramping and/or chronic colon problems.

Positive Impatience personalities know how to enjoy the physical environment and experience patience not only with others but with their own flaws and imperfections.
The positive impatiens is calm and relaxed, able to enjoy the steps they take in life.

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The Vine personality type demands obedience or allegiance from others. They are controlling and assertive to the point of aggression. They have the "my way or no way" attitude. Vines are strong willed personalities that overpower others. Even 5-year olds can get into a vine state, stamping their feet and demanding their own way in life. Another example of a Vine is the boss everyone avoids. They demand complete control and dominate their employees so there is no point in speaking feelings any longer. The negative Vine creates an atmosphere of mistrust and fear.

Although a Vine can create rash, pain or infection within the system through their anger, I have not seen specific symptoms that we can point directly to the Vine personality type.

The positive Vine is seen through a powerful leader who has the ability to help others to maintain their highest potential.

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Water Violet
The negative Water Violet is aloof and socially distant, measures others according to social status or economic background. They may not want to associate with those beneath them. They are easily annoyed when working with others. The negative Water Violet wants to be left alone because ultimately they just can't stand any one, any longer.

Water Violets can create rash, pain or infection anywhere in the body.

The positive Water Violet enjoys the company of others, able balance their desire to be alone and the time to socialize with one another.

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The negative Willow personality holds on to past injustices or misfortunes with bitterness & resentment. They may feel they are being persecuted or unfairly punished and become emotionally inflexible. They find it difficult to forgive others or be accepting and yielding. On the other hand, the Willow may also become resentful and bitter toward them selves.
Willow tends to manifest physical symptoms within the mucus membranes of the body - colds, sinus infections, ear infections, bronchial infections.

The positive Willow is able to easily forgive others and themselves.Forgivness is the doorway to our heart where all negative energy is transformed into truth and love.

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Thank you so much for sharing this. This is very helpful.

Shymoon said...

Thank you for sharing, this was very helpful.

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Very nice post..truly saying flowers for love...this post is helpful for to read it!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this very informative post. I just discovered I'm in need of Beech, but came here searching "flower essence for anger". This is for a loved one who is showing signs of Alzheimer's disease, and is a very angry person. Louise Hay says that anger is the cause of Alzheimer's, and I've seen that to be true from this particular loved one as well as other people afflicted with the disease. Thanks again.

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Dogs with blocked lymph glands would need holly and vine? Searched for days to find an article like this on the net. Thanks a million!

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If u want to meet light, love. If u want to emit light, love
Learn to flow like river, that's how to heal your anger

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Excellent article! Thanks for sharing. I totally believe with this information.

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This article nailed every symptom right now. Physically as well as emotionally. Thank you soo much.

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You are very welcome. Thank you for writing.