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Bach Flower Essences for Guilt, Shame and Regret Flower

Guilt will manifest itself as joint pain or swelling especially in the knees. Shame and regrets also manifest in the joints, the hips, fingers, toes, etc.

Guilt or shame about self worth.. unusual harsh expectations of oneself resorting to self blame if less than perfect. Hard to let go of past mistakes or failures.. dwelling rather than moving forward to new opportunities or risks. The pine personality feels badly when they cannot fix things for others. They take the blame for everything and everyone and may often apologize even when they have done nothing wrong.Regrets repeating themselves without the ability to change. Unhealthy patterns continue to plague the person holding them hostage in their own bodies. Within time these regrets may create immobility within the joints.

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1 comment:

Elle said...

Thank you! Despite using Bach Remedies for years, I had somehow never joined the dots between the subtle shame & guilt that I feel on occasion, and the Pine remedy! Haha I'm having one of those duh moments right now, and Pine is definitely twinkling at me as the next support for my journey ;) Good stuff - much appreciating your post, thanks so much! :) - Elle